Weight Loss Camps

Weight loss retreats for adults and teens

Weight loss camps have been around for many years, but they continue to grow in popularity around the world. These camps offer intense, targeted exercise programs combined with strict diets (as opposed to fads like the grapefruit diet) to help campers lose weight faster. There are several different types of weight loss camps available, each suited to individual needs.

Weight Loss Spa

A weight loss spa is a luxurious weight loss camp set in a picturesque or relaxing setting, often combining exercise programs like yoga and Pilates with massage, weight training and other activities. Gourmet food is often served at a weight loss health spa to help make losing weight more pleasurable.

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Weight Loss Retreat

Similar to a weight loss spa, a weight loss retreat is designed as a vacation with a specific target. Activities might include more outdoor sports, such as horseback riding and tennis, and the accommodations might be cabins or huts in a forested setting. The emphasis at a weight loss retreat is focused more on exercise than diet.

Age-Specific Weight Loss Camp

Many weight loss camps are distinguished by the age groups to which they cater. An adult weight loss camp, for example, is intended for adults who want to control their weight problems, while teens' weight loss camps are intended for kids between the ages of 12 and 17. The activities will be age-appropriate at these camps, and the counselors available will be trained for that specific age group.

Weight Loss Boot Camp

If you are looking for an intense, structured weight loss option, weight loss boot camp might be the solution for you. These weight loss camps are run in a military fashion with "drill sergeants" to keep participants on track. Early mornings, structured meals and intense exercise are all hallmarks of this type of camp.

Whatever your weight loss goals, weight loss camps can help renew your spirit and improve accountability in your program. Trying to lose weight at home without the constant assistance of others can be demoralizing and you may be more likely to slip up.

Additionally, a weight loss camp gives you the opportunity to lose weight along with others who are in the same position. Cheering on your fellow campers can lead to a positive community atmosphere that is more conducive to success than a solitary program.

By Steve Thompson