Weight Loss Foods

The best choices for your plan

There is no simple way to effortlessly lose weight. Trimming off the pounds and getting your body in shape can be a difficult challenge that requires eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. It short, losing weight requires endurance, willpower and commitment. Luckily there are a few secrets that can help with your weight loss. One of the secrets is that there are foods that can actually help with your weight loss. However, do not be mistaken, these foods aren't miracle workers. If you really want to effectively lose weight, you'll still have to work hard to reach your goals by exercising regularly. These foods, however, will help you reach your goals.

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Apples and Strawberries – These tasty fruits contain pectin. Pectin is believed to have weight-loss properties because it limits the amount of fat being absorbed into cells by taking on water instead. Create a fresh-fruit salad or toss it into your breakfast cereal.

Citrus Fruit – Bright orange and yellow fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lemons, are rich in vitamin C, which is believed to help control cholesterol levels and burn fat. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is great with breakfast or with a snack.

Egg Whites – This part of the egg is low in fat and contains amino acids that help boost the metabolism and maintain lean muscle. An egg white omelet with fresh vegetables, such as green pepper and mushrooms, can make a delicious and healthy lunch.

Legumes – Beans, chickpeas and lentils are all packed with protein and fiber and are low in fat. They help to balance blood sugar levels and leave you feeling full for a longer period of time. Try cooking up a vegetable soup with beans and lentils.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables – Vegetables, such as spinach, kale and romaine lettuce, are low in calories and are filled with water, which can help curb your hunger. These vegetables are also loaded with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B and iron, which help aid weight loss. Try creating a spinach salad with fresh fruit for a great fat-fighting meal.

Low-Fat Dairy – Reduced fat dairy products, like low-fat milk, yogurt and cottage cheese, are packed with calcium and can boost your metabolism. Studies conducted on women who consume low-fat dairy products found that calcium may actually help with weight loss. For a delicious snack have a bowl of cottage cheese topped with fresh fruit.