Hidden Fats

Don’t sabotage your weight loss plan with healthy foods that aren’t

Are you eating any of these foods on a regular basis? If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t make the mistake of including these so-called healthy foods in your weight loss plan. We’ll show you why each of these choices are worse than they sound.

Fast food salads - you may have thought you were diligently following your weight loss plan by ordering a salad instead of burger at the food court in the mall, but watch out! Many of these salads contain as much fat as a burger and offer very few health benefits. If you order a salad, make sure to get the dressing on the side and ask for no cheese or bacon bits. Don’t let a potentially good dieting choice like salad be shattered by fattening add-ons.

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Frozen yogurt - just when you thought you’d found the perfect substitute for ice cream! Promoted as a dieter’s dream, you have to watch out for this one - frozen yogurt is often high in sugar and calories. It may be low in fat but it’s not the best option for your weight loss plan.

Banana chips - it might seem that munching on banana chips would be a great way to lose weight, but these supposedly-healthy chips are actually no better than a bag of potato chips. Banana chips are also fried in oil, and are loaded with sugar.

Rice cakes - rice cakes at one point were considered the epitome of diet foods. They’re low in calories and taste like Styrofoam so they must be a diet food, right? Wrong! Rice cakes are extremely high on the Glycemic Index and will cause rapid spikes in your blood sugar level. They’ll do little satisfy your hunger or your dieting goals.

Fruit juice - fruit juice sounds healthy, but it’s really not. Very few juices on the market consist of pure fruit juice. Many have a ton of preservatives and added sugars. A fresh piece of fruit is far more satisfying and contains a ton of healthy nutrients.

Protein bars - these are a convenient option if you’re on the run or need a quick pick-me-up, but don’t rely on protein bars on a regular basis. They’re over-processed and don’t contain many nutrients. Besides, many are extremely high in calories and fat. Real food tastes better and will satisfy you longer.

Trail mix - many associate trail mix with health fanatics, but it actually doesn’t help with weight loss. Trail mix is extremely high in fat and often contains added sugars. For a heart-healthy source of fat grab a handful of natural almonds instead.

Fat-free products - before you get overly excited by those fat-free chocolate cookies you just purchased at the grocery store, you’d better check the label. Many fat-free products contain a ton of additives and are still high in calories. Also dieters often feel they can overindulge in these foods because they are low in fat. Remember that calories do add up, and they aren’t all coming from fat. If you’re really craving a particular food, have a bite and let it go. The fat-free version won’t satisfy your craving and probably won’t contribute anything meaningful to your weight loss plan.

Flavored oatmeal - oatmeal can be an excellent part of your weight loss plan, if you choose natural oats. Flavored oatmeal on the other hand (the kinds that are available in those little packages), is usually high on the Glycemic Index and contains a lot of added sugar (that’s why it tastes so good). Instead, flavor natural oatmeal yourself with fresh fruit.