Waist-to-Hip Ratio Calculator

Your body shape might be an indicator that you need to lose weight

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Let's get the math out of the way first:

[circumference of waist (inches) / circumference of hips (inches) = WHR]

If WHR > 0.8 unhealthy

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Many people haven't really heard about the waist-to-hip ratio calculator - and those who have are often confused about how it works. It really is a great tool to determine if you're at a higher risk for many different health conditions. A waist-to-hip ratio determines the proportion of fat stored around your waist and hips. If you store more body fat around your middle, your body type is considered an apple and you might need to lose weight around this area. However, if you store more weight around your hips, you have a more defined waist and are considered pear-shaped.

To determine your waist-to-hip ratio, use a measuring tape to calculate the circumference around your stomach and hips. To measure your stomach, position the measuring tape around your belly button (it often helps to get someone else to do this for you). To measure your hips, measure your hip circumference at the widest spot (this is usually at the center of your butt). Simply enter these measurements and we'll determine your ratio.

What does your ratio mean?

If your ratio is below 0.8, your body type is considered pear-shaped. This number alone, however, does not necessarily mean you don't need to diet or lose weight. This calculator on its own is extremely limiting, so to determine if you could stand to drop a few pounds, use the BMI Calculator as well. These numbers in combination will give you a clearer picture of your overall health.

If your ratio is greater than 0.8, your body shape is 'apple', and you might be at an increased risk for diseases and health conditions that require a physician-approved treatment program such as heart disease and diabetes. Again, using the BMI calculator can also help you get a more accurate picture of your overall health. And remember, be sure to talk to your physician if you have any concerns about your weight.

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