Finding healthy recipes to keep you on track

Following a diet and weight loss plan can be tough. Even when you have the best intentions with healthy cooking, once you hit the kitchen it's easy to feel like a deer in the headlights. New recipes can help you conquer that fear and help you understand how to eat better and cook better.

For many of us with busy lifestyles, the time spent cooking is the major deterrent in healthy eating; take-out or dining out is just easier. To curb these habits, look for easy, 20-minutes-or-less recipe books that use only common ingredients found in every grocery store. These recipes take the stress out of cooking but still deliver a fresh, healthy meal.

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Choosing Recipes

Generally, the type of diet you're on will help you choose new recipes. The following categories are the most common for those looking to add healthy diversity to their cooking:

  • Diet plan recipes. Some well-known diet plans have their own specific recipes to complement their diet strategies. Weight Watchers recipes, Mediterranean Diet recipes and many others can be found on the diet plan's website or may be supplied free of charge when you sign up for the diet.
  • Medical diet plan recipes. Some recipes are geared toward specific medical conditions. Diabetic recipes, for example, can help diabetics keep their sugar levels under control through various substitutions for sugars and syrups.
  • General healthy recipes. With so many people focusing on their health, low-fat recipes, low carb recipes, vegetarian recipes and other healthy cooking recipes are plentiful both online and in traditional recipe books.

Where to Find Healthy Recipes

Finding healthy recipes is as simple as doing a search online. You can search for specific types of recipes, such as "soup recipes" or "salad recipes," or you can visit any number of health and wellness websites that are sure to have a recipe section.

If you're a little more old-fashioned, there are many affordable healthy recipe books to choose from. Look for a book that's current to add some interesting recipes to your cooking regimen or choose a book from someone who inspires you—a celebrity chef, weight-loss show host or even just your favorite movie star. You can also choose your books by theme, such as Mexican or Chinese to introduce some cultural flavor to your dinner plate.