Rice Diet Solution Review

High carb weight loss diet

Origin: Also known as the Kempner Diet, the Rice Diet Program was created in 1903 by a German named Walter Kempner. When Kempner began working in the department of medicine at Duke University in 1934, he discovered that people who ate a diet rich in rice, fiber and vitamins rarely suffered from certain health conditions like diabetes. The new Rice Diet became public in 1939 and is used worldwide. It limits salt and ingredients that contain a lot of sodium, as sodium is considered to stimulate the appetite. It was designed to aid in weight loss and aid in the treatment of certain diseases.

Description: The Rice Diet Program combines a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet with yoga and meditation to relieve stress and promote weight loss. This weight-loss diet restricts salt and other ingredients with high sodium contents and promotes high-carb, high-fiber foods like beans, grains, fruits and vegetables.

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Likes: Rice, beans, fruit, vegetables, grains and fish

Dislikes: Salt and fatty meats.

Looking For: Anyone who owns a rice steamer.

Works Well With: Sushi restaurant

This diet is designed for people with health conditions, including hypertension and diabetes, and individuals who are obese and want to follow a weight loss diet that will help them lose weight fairly quickly without starving themselves. The diet is practical in some ways because it promotes the eating of fruits, vegetables and legumes, which are sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Most forms of rice, however, are full of sugar and are essentially fillers. Brown rice would be the most appropriate choice, but the Rice Diet Solution does not specify which kind of rice to consume.