Zone Diet Review

40:30:30 weight loss diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Zone Diet

Origin: Created in 1990 by Dr. Barry Sears

Background: Low-carbohydrate, moderate fat, high-protein

Description: Every meal must contain a combination of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein

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Likes: Fruits, vegetables, chicken breast, raw almonds, olive oil, white fish, egg whites

Dislikes: Breads, grains, noodles, rice

Looking for: A dieter who wants to make a lifestyle change and is looking for a long-term weight loss diet

Works Well With: Zone in-home delivery service, prepackaged Zone foods such as protein bars and shakes

Full Review of the Zone Diet

Dr. Barry Sears, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, is the mastermind behind the Zone diet. He conducted a lot of research on the causes of heart disease, and the effects specific foods can have on the body. Based on his findings, Dr. Sears developed the Zone diet to help control blood sugar levels. According to Dr. Sears, once blood sugar levels are stabilized the body can lose weight more efficiently. When blood sugar levels are maintained, the body is said to be in a 'zone'. To achieve this zone,everymeal needs to be consumed with a macronutrient balance of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein. The Zone meal plan consists of three meals a day with two snacks, each following the 40:30:30 principle. This will help control hunger levels throughout the day, making sure you stay on track.

According to Sears, people are overweight due to a high intake of the wrong carbohydrates. Not only are people eating the wrong forms of carbohydrates, but they are also eating far too many of them. This causes the body to overproduce a hormone called insulin. In normal circumstances, insulin helps the body to regulate its blood sugar levels. When too many carbohydrates are eaten, this overproduction of insulin can result in health problems such as weight gain, heart conditions and diabetes. This weight loss diet was created to attempt to balance these hormones and help maintain a healthy body weight. Once the hormones are regulated, the body is said to be in 'The Zone".

To help determine portion sizes for each meal, this diet plan functions on something called Zone food blocks. Each block contains the amount of carbs, protein and fat for each meal. Each day, a specific number of blocks are allocated for each meal and snack. It's up to the dieter to use their Zone blocks wisely.

For those without a science background, many of the principles behind this weight loss diet can seem overwhelming. The terms in the Zone Diet book also get quite technical.

Even with the complicated jargon, this diet has become extremely popular thanks to the faithful following of big-name celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Brad Pitt. It's been around for quite awhile, but the books still rank near the top of bestseller lists.

Average weight loss: ½ a pound per week.

Helpful Tips : For each meal, fill ⅓ of your plate with lean protein sources such as skinless chicken breast, extra-lean ground beef, white fish or egg whites. The serving-size of the protein should be about the size of your fist. The other ⅔ of your plate should consist of low-glycemic carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. Lastly, choose heart-healthy fat choices such as avocadoes, raw nut or olive oil.



Provides an ideal amount of carbs to maintain satiety

Diet can be a little confusing

Promotes a balanced meal plan

Difficult to maintain when eating out or eating meals with others

Helps followers learn more about portion control

Time consuming to prepare meals