Weight Watchers Diet Review

Your friendly weight loss program

Vital Stats

Full Name: Weight Watchers TurnAround

Origin: First tiny Weight Watchers meeting of the 1960's

Description: "Calories in, calories out"

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Likes: Fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, dairy, water, vitamins, sugars, alcohol and healthy oils

Dislikes: Nothing in particular

Looking for: Someone who wants some choice and flexibility in their weight loss program

Works Well With: Regular foods while following the Weight Watchers Healthy Eating Guidelines

Full Review of Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers weight loss program has been around since the 1960's when a small group of friends decided to get together and discuss dieting and weight loss plans. This small group of people eventually grew to millions of men and women, and developed into the current Weight Watchers weight loss program.

Members of Weight Watchers attend local group meetings where they receive motivation, support, and encouragement in their dieting journey. For those individuals who can't attend these meetings, there are a variety of online tools available. Weight Watchers members have access to:

Weight Watchers generally offers two different weight loss programs to choose from. The Weight Watchers' Flex Plan requires you to count calories and follow their point system. Each person is allotted a certain number of points a day according to their weight loss goals [Set Your Goal],and the foods have already been given a point value. There are no restrictions on types of food, just amount.

The Weight Watchers' Core Plan does away with calorie counting all together. With this plan, dieters focus on eating foods from a supplied list of healthy food choices. The list includes a variety of choices including fruits and veggies, grains, lean meats, poultry, eggs and dairy. Both plans are outlined following the Weight Watchers Healthy Eating Guidelines.

The plans teach you to find the balance between control and flexibility, so that the diet is easy to stick with. Once you become familiar with your food plan, dieters are also instructed on how to form an exercise plan. Weight Watchers helps you build healthy, lifelong habits with a balanced and comprehensive weight loss program.

Average weight loss: Moderate weight loss; varies between individuals.

Helpful Tips: Weight Watchers meetings can be highly beneficial, and are conveniently held only once a week for less than an hour. The best part about them is you can attend meetings at any Weight Watcher location. This is handy if you're traveling or are away on business



Focus on diet and exercise

Involves some calorie / points counting (Flex plan)

Emphasis on nutrition

Food restrictions (Core Plan)

Stands the test of time

The group meeting approach is not for everyone