Suzanne Somers Diet Review

Somersize yourself with this weight loss diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: Somersizing

Origin: TV personality Suzanne Somers

Description: Eating the right foods in the right combinations; swapping sugar and carbs for protein and fats

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Likes: Most fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, butter / cream

Dislikes: Dairy products, potatoes, whole milk, nuts, soy foods and sweets

Looking for: Someone wanting to try another low-carb diet

Works Well With: Somers' specially-designed diet plans and recipes

Full Review of Suzanne Somers' diet

Suzanne Somers' diet is based on her own special food-combining principles. She claims that if you eat the right foods in the right combinations, you can raise your metabolism, balance hormone levels and burn fat at a much quicker rate.

The key factor in her weight loss diet is that certain foods are not to be eaten together. To remember the rules, she offers "Seven Easy Steps to Somersizing":

  • Avoid high-carb foods ("funky foods")
  • Proteins and fats should be eaten separately from carbs
  • Eat vegetables and protein together
  • Eat vegetables and carbs together
  • Eat fruit by itself
  • Wait three hours between meals if switching between carbs and proteins
  • Don't skip meals

The diet has two main phases. During the diet phase, carbs are strictly limited. Most dairy foods and what Somers calls "funky foods" (potatoes, nuts, corn, rice, yogurt, whole milk, sweets and carbs in general) are eliminated from the diet. The second, or maintenance, phase allows you to slowly bring a few carbs back into your diet.

The Suzanne Somers diet is easy to follow and it won't leave you hungry. No calorie counting or portion control - simply eat until you're no longer hungry! The only thing that you have to watch is what foods you are eating and whether or not they should be eaten alone or in combination with something else. Eat three meals a day and follow the seven golden rules, and you should start losing weight in no time.

There isn't actually any evidence to prove that eating the right combinations of foods can help you lose weight - weight loss achieved on this diet is more likely due to the lower calorie intake from cutting out certain foods. The bottom line is that this diet is not so different from any other low-carb diet - it just has a famous face attached.

Average Weight Loss : 2-3 lbs. a week.

Helpful Tips: Follow any one of Suzanne Somers' books, for example, Suzanne Somers' Eat, Cheat, and Melt the Fat Away .



No calorie counting

No scientific evidence

Easy to follow

Watching everything you eat may be time-consuming

Won't go hungry

Lack of calcium in diet