Subway Diet Review

Jared Fogle's claim to fame weight loss diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Subway Diet

Origin: Jared Fogle; an everyday, 28-year-old University student

Description: Eat nothing but Subway sandwiches for a year

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Likes: Low-fat Subway sandwiches

Dislikes: Mayonnaise, cheese and oils (and any other non-Subway foods)

Looking for: Fans of Jared Fogle who are attracted to fad diets

Works Well With: Subway's "6 grams of fat or less" sandwich menu

Full Review of the Subway Diet

You all remember Jared Fogle, also known as "the Subway Guy", from his dozens of television commercials. He's that somewhat dorky-looking guy who claims to have lost nearly 245 pounds on his Subway diet. For an entire year, he tried eating nothing but Subway sandwiches and went from an enormous 425 pounds to a steady 190 pounds - and has kept the weight off for the last seven years.

Jared's weight loss diet is very simple. He combined a diet of two Subway sandwiches a day with a lot of walking for exercise. His meal plan looked like this:

·Lunch: A six-inch turkey sub and a small bag of potato chips

·Dinner: A foot long veggie sub

·Drinks: Unlimited amounts of diet soda and coffee

Jared chose the healthier subs and avoided adding cheese, mayonnaise and oils. Once he lost a significant amount of weight, he started to add 1.5 miles of walking to his daily routine.

If there's a diet easier to follow than this one, good luck finding it. Just think about it… no dishes, no grocery shopping, and no cooking whatsoever! However, purchasing Subway meals all week long may get a bit expensive. Also, restricting the body to only one food item can have negative side-effects including malnutrition and low energy. Although Jared has shown us (over and over again) that his weight loss diet does indeed work, there are certainly much healthier ways to lose weight.

Jared's weight loss success is also a bit misleading, when you consider the entire situation. He was once eating up to 10,000 calories per day (yes, that's correct), so it was to be expected that he would lose weight by cutting major calories, no matter what foods he ate! (Sorry Subway, so much for your clever marketing campaign.)

Average weight loss: 5 lbs. per week (according to Jared's results).

Helpful Tips: Try finding a weight loss plan that actually teaches you how to maintain a healthy diet and lead an active lifestyle!



Won't leave you hungry

Boring - no variety

Very easy to follow

Does not include breakfast, and lacks vitamins and nutrients

Fits into our fast food-friendly culture

Always need a Subway restaurant nearby