Special K Diet Review

Kellogg's diet challenge

Origin: The Special K diet was created by cereal giant Kellogg, which “challenged” consumers to eat two bowls of Special K each day to maintain their weight after they achieved their weight-loss goals. The campaign is promoted by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fashion guru Carson Kressley.

Description: Participants substitute what they would normally eat for breakfast and lunch for a bowl of Special K cereal with milk and fruit, if they desire it. Dieters can chose from several of Kellogg’s low-fat Special K cereals, some of which already contain fruit and added fiber. The challengers are then required to consume healthy, low-fat foods for dinner. The diet challenge is designed to last for two weeks and reportedly can cause one to lose one pant size or six pounds.

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Likes: Special K cereal, milk and fruit.

Dislikes: Fried foods, junk food, added sugar and fatty meats.

Looking For: Anyone who loves cereal enough to eat it twice daily, every day.

Works Well With: Cereal bars – the restaurant kind.

The Special K Challenge is really meant to be a maintenance diet and is advertised as such. People who try the diet can lose weight, but only because they are limiting their caloric intake by eating cereal twice each day. Eating cereal is definitely healthy, but it is also full of carbohydrates. Special K also contains high fructose corn syrup and contains less fiber than other cereals, such as oatmeal.