Jenny Craig Diet Review

Weight loss program with prepackaged meals

Vital Stats

Full Name: Jenny Craig

Origin: In 1983, Jenny Craig started her first commercial weight loss center in Australia. Jenny Craig is now available worldwide

Description: Low-cal, behavior modification program coupled with prepackaged meals

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Likes: Jenny Craig's prepackaged meals, fresh fruits and vegetables

Dislikes: Take-out food, alcohol

Looking for: A busy dieter who likes having everything planned out

Works Well With: Jenny Craig's prepackaged meals

Full Review of Jenny Craig Program

Jenny Craig has been a popular weight loss program for almost 25 years. Over the past year, it's received quite a bit of media exposure thanks to its endorsement contract with 'Fat Actress' Kirstie Alley, who followed the plan and documented her results publicly through television commercials.

The Jenny Craig program is individualized, and offers counseling through weekly meetings at Jenny Craig centers. The emphasis is on following the meal plan, which consists of pre-packaged 'Jenny' meals combined with fresh fruits and vegetables. The meal plan focuses on healthy lifestyle changes and eating in moderation. Clients work with their counselors to determine their individualized caloric needs, depending on their goals. The diet is a healthy and balanced approach, even though it initially encourages dieters to purchase the prepackaged meals.

In its early years, this weight loss program was only offered at Jenny Craig clinics; but it has now been expanded to include an online program called Jenny Direct, phone counseling, and food delivery, all of which of course, are not cheap.

As an interesting side not, the well-known chocolate company Nestlé recently purchased Jenny Craig. This strategic marketing decision will create an advertising powerhouse. What a concept - you eat all the chocolate you desire until you start to gain weight and then you call up Jenny Craig. While on Jenny Craig you start to crave chocolate, so you have a Kit-Kat. Notice the cycle? Applause to the brilliant marketing team!

Overall, Jenny Craig is a healthy and worthwhile plan to follow. Its downside comes in the fact that it can get quite expensive to follow, and the prepackaged meals are less than desirable. Fresh, home-cooked food beats out those over-processed prepackaged, spaceship meals any day.

Average weight loss: 1-2 lbs. per week.

Helpful Tips: Follow the diet to learn more about healthy eating practices, but prepare your own food.



Individual and supportive counseling

Jenny Craig consultants are not formally schooled in nutrition and health sciences, but are former Jenny Craig members

Convenient prepackaged meals

Expensive to follow; must subscribe to weight loss program and purchase prepackaged meals

Balanced meal plan

Difficult to follow this diet when cooking for others or eating out