Idiot-Proof Diet Review

Lose 9 lbs. every 11 days with online weight loss

Vital Stats

Full Name: Fat Loss for Idiots or Idiot-Proof Diet

Origin: Website seemed to appear out of nowhere, not linked with any human contact

Description: Online weight loss diet that cycles daily caloric intake

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Likes: Need to register with site to find out

Dislikes: Need to register with site to find out

Looking for: Online dieter

Works Well With: Fat Loss for Idiots Guidebook

Full Review of the Idiot Proof Diet

The name of this online weight loss diet might seem a bit offensive, but it definitely grabs your attention. However, it might also be appropriate, as this diet appears to be straightforward and easy to follow, even though the website and guidebook aren't your typical weight loss aids. To access your online weight loss plan, you must register at a cost of $27 for 90 days. Once you register you have access to the diet, meal plans and recipes. It's a great source of basic nutrition information [Food and Nutrition],but you can also find a lot of the information online for free.

The diet follows a nutrient and caloric cycling theory, which is probably the most complicated aspect of this diet. Your diet cycles between high-carb and low-carb days, to ensure your metabolism never adjusts to your daily caloric intake. Meals are to be prepared at home, and should be as basic as possible with few condiments and garnishes. The diet plan also encourages regular exercise, which deserves two thumbs up, even if it is slightly lacking in intensity.

One red flag about Fat Loss for Idiots is that the weight loss claims are a little unrealistic. They boast you can lose nine pounds every 11 days, which is a lot higher than the recommended healthy weight loss of one to two pounds a week. They also advertise maintenance programs, but in order to view these or any diets on the site you must first register. Could it be an online weight loss scam? Maybe. But at least it offers some sound dieting advice.

Average weight loss: 9 lbs. in 11 days.

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