High Protein Diet

How high protein foods can help you lose weight

Full Name: High-Protein Diet

Origin: A high-protein diet is not a single specific diet (and therefore has no particular origin); rather, it is a method of eating that revolves around incorporating high-protein foods into your diet. It comes in blended forms, such as the high-protein low-carbohydrate diet, or can function on its own.

Description: The high-protein diet is increasing in popularity because it encourages people to eat healthier and not to place a series of restrictions upon their eating. The principle is that a high-protein or high-protein low-carb diet will help you stay full and will fuel your body longer, so you simply won't need to eat as much.

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Many people incorporate extra protein into their diet via supplements like whey protein shakes or protein bars. It's important when using these, however, that you check the nutritional information, as many bars contain a high level of sugar and other carbs that can be destructive to a diet.

Likes: Soybeans, chicken, turkey, tuna, steak (in moderation), nuts, beans and supplements.

Dislikes: High-carbohydrate foods that can lead to a sugar crash or continued feelings of hunger. (Many people confuse high-protein diets with the Atkins Diet because it favors foods high in protein over carbs.)

Looking for: Bodybuilders and those who want to build muscle and lose fat.

Works well with: Strength-training exercise. High-protein diets and strength training both help build muscle, so combining the two is a great way to tone up and bulk up.

Full Detailed Review

The high-protein diet relies a lot on portion control—typically, to achieve weight loss you should follow the one-gram-of-protein-per-pound rule; to achieve muscle building and weight gain, you may want to increase that number slightly.

It may seem difficult to incorporate that much protein into your diet, but fortunately, the list of high-protein foods is long and simple. For example, grabbing a handful of nuts as a snack or adding a side of beans to a main dish are two easy ways to increase your intake of protein. High-protein recipes are also plentiful and are often based around easy-to-prepare meats, such as chicken breast or canned tuna.

In general, the high-protein diet is a great one if you're not only looking to lose weight but also want to overhaul your diet and get back to the basics of healthy eating.