Bob Greene Diet Review

Oprah's weight loss diet guru

Vital Stats

Full Name: Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover

Origin: Bob Greene, personal trainer to Oprah Winfrey, authored his first weight loss book in 1996. His popularity rose after successfully helping Oprah Winfrey lose weight

Description: Balanced weight loss diet that focuses on the emotional side of weight gain and eating

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Likes: Everything in moderation

Dislikes: Portion sizes and restricted food choices

Looking for: A dieter looking for a sensible and balanced plan

Works Well With: Bob's Greene's website

Full Review of Bob Greene's diet

For someone who is embarking on a weight loss plan for the first time, this program might be a good place to start. Bob explains nutrition and fitness basics in a simplified way. His plan is balanced and doesn't focus much on watching your portion sizes or eliminating food groups or food choices. Instead, Bob attempts to get the dieter to think about why they are eating and what they're eating, and encourages a healthier attitude about food. Bob promotes exercise, and tells the dieter they can eat what they want but can only eat when they are truly hungry.

Greene has created a four-phase weight loss diet that all dieters must go through to establish a better understanding of their eating habits. Additionally, Bob has regular homework assignments for the dieter. He encourages the dieter to write out their weight loss goals, and even write an entire essay about losing weight! Wow, what a demanding weight loss diet! It appears homework didn't end with graduation.

Bob Greene's weight loss plan skyrocketed in popularity after he helped Ms. Yo-Yo dieter, Oprah Winfrey, lose weight while following his plan. Oprah promoted Greene and his weight loss book, and even brought him on her show a couple of times. As any successful marketer can attest, the best way to sell a product is to be a feature on Oprah's show - Bob Greene has definitely played his cards right.

Average weight loss: 1-2 lbs. per week.

Helpful Tips: Bob has some great tips for letting go of food obsession and emotional eating. Read his principles and try to incorporate those that pertain to you into your lifestyle.



Balanced and healthy meal plan

Might be a little touchy-feely for some

Able to eat with others and don't have to worry about restricting too many foods

Focuses a bit too much on advanced exercises, for the beginner

Encourages dieter to exercise often

Riding off popularity from Oprah