Anne Collins Diet Review

Online weight loss

Vital Stats

Full Name: Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

Origin: Created by an Irish nutritionist named Anne Collins who has over 23 years experience with weight loss consulting

Description: Online weight loss plan with nine different programs, depending on your dieting needs

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Likes: Depends on diet plan

Dislikes: Depends on diet plan

Looking for: A dieter who wants a supportive online diet environment

Works Well With: Anne's online community

Full Review of Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

Anne Collins, a qualified nutritionist and full-time weight-management consultant with over 23 years of weight loss consulting experience, created this online weight loss plan. She attempts to incorporate the principles of healthy eating and portion control by changing a dieter's attitude toward food. Anne has created nine different e-Books that the subscriber can download. The diet isn't overly restrictive or hard to follow. It also doesn't stipulate any specialty items or additional supplements, which also makes it an inexpensive diet to follow.

This online weight loss diet plan is a paid support system with a subscription fee of $20 a year. The information provided is very basic, so much so that you could probably find it all online for free. But Anne has created a successful marketing tool in her website - she offers her experience with helping people lose weight and keep it off, not to mention she looks so welcoming and supportive in her pictures. (Although for all we know, the real creator could actually be some 50-year-old man, just fooling everyone!)

Just the same, it is the manageability of the diet plan and the comfort of the online community that has earned Collins her nearly nine million subscribers.

Average weight loss: 1-2 lbs. per week

Helpful Tips: Connect with members of the online community. They are full of helpful information and tips.



Healthy and balanced plan

Pay for information that is free online

Attempts to get dieter to stop stressing about weight gain

Doesn't put enough emphasis on exercise

Motivational and supportive

Website a little overwhelming