Acai Weight Loss Diet

Are acai berries the new miracle food?

Full Name: Açai Weight-Loss Diet

Origin: It's difficult to say what the origin of the açai weight-loss diet is because there isn't really a single diet that attributes its success to the açai berry (also known as açai fruit). Many diets suggest using açai berries as a supplement to other dieting measures, while others say just adding it as a supplement to your normal healthy eating regime can be enough to give you a boost.

Description: The açai berry comes from the Amazonian palm tree, which is commonly found in Brazil. The berry is extremely high in antioxidants, higher than other antioxidant superfoods, such as blueberries or red wine.

Benefits of adding açai berries or açai berry juice to your diet have included body detoxification and cleansing, better digestion, improvements in mental clarity and vision and reduced insomnia.

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Likes: Since açai is used in addition to other diet principles, it works well with programs that espouse increased fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. It is also often used in combination with colon cleansing products.

Dislikes: Diet pills, weight-loss pills or other supplements.

Looking for: People who are already on a regimen of healthy eating and exercise and who are looking for an additional boost.

Works well with: Your blender. Açai berries, açai fruit juice and açai powder make great smoothies when mixed with other berries and low-fat yogurt. Açai juice can also be consumed on its own in place of other juices.

Full Detailed Review

As mentioned, including the açai berry in your diet is not a weight-loss plan in itself, but is simply an addition to other diet and nutrition measures. Because of this, it is difficult to analyze the effects of the berry on overall health.

Many nutritionists and scientists are skeptical of the hype surrounding the relationship between the açai berry and weight loss, and are leery of the many scams that sell the berry in powder, liquid and pill forms. While some of the health benefits of the antioxidants in the berry have been proven accurate and are supported by medical professionals—for his Perricone Diet, for example, Dr. Perricone listed the berry as the top antioxidant—results vary and are not guaranteed.